Red Sky at Morning …

… Sailor take warning.

So the saying goes. Yesterday’s dawn in Indiana was as you see it. Rain that day peppered our drive across and well into Ohio.

And on today, July 4th and “sighting-in” day at the Canton-McKinley range, the sky is a solid grey with thunderstorms and 60% probability of rain.

The Arizona team should all be here or arriving today by airplane, car or truck-pulling-trailer.

Ammo is the challenge for the dove-tailed Ohio Regional this weekend and Camp Perry National Championships next week in nearby Port Clinton Ohio. The airline 11 lb limit covers less than half what’s needed for the nearly ten days of shooting. Those who travel by air rely on the turf-bound travellers. My wife and I brought what seemed like 200 lbs for myself and others as I unloaded the car’s trunk yesterday.

I’m off to Target this morning before practice to buy a light weight but water-proof jacket to replace the one I over-looked when packing four days ago. [Oops!]

Then it’s off to the range to sight-in everything and dry-run, so to speak, all the rain gear I might need for tomorrow’s start of the three day Ohio Regional Championship.

Hope to “See you on the line” tomorrow!

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