Golden Opportunity is NOW

The deadlock is an intentional feature of the US Constitution. It is supposed to happen when the government becomes heavily divided – it is supposed to stop the government so that the people – that’s you and me – have the time and incentive to act.

Insert “Golden Opportunity” in your calendar and put it on today.


Google “Who is my US Representative” and then “Who is my US Senator” and let them know what YOU want.

Here’s what I told mine:

"Good. The deadlock needed to happen.

Here's what I want.

1) Defund, defer, delay Obama-care as long as possible. Ultimately, I'd like it repealed but deactivate it for now, repeal it later.

2) I'd like to see a balanced budget but, in the current climate, I'm willing to give you some leeway -- a move in that direction would be sufficient for now. (That'll give you some room for compromise -- this is a poker game but I'm sure I don't have to tell you to hold your cards close.)

We, the people, can get by with reduced government services for a while and, frankly, it's a move in the right direction of reducing government spending of money that doesn't exist so, by all means, keep it shut down to the essentials that we can afford.

Hang tough!"

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