John McAfee, the Most Interesting Man in the World

John McAfee, founder of McAfee, Inc, the first company to distribute anti-virus software via the “shareware” model, is an interesting and, by his own somewhat jaded definition, very “human” individual.

No longer associated with the company that bears his name, his outlook is undoubtedly colored by the illegal drug trade in which he engaged for several years and about which he writes in the Slashdot interview linked below.

About people and businesses, therein he said,

"I trust people to be human, meaning [that] all weaknesses known to humanity exist in all of us.
Companies are even worse."

And concerning the mysterious fire that destroyed his so-called compound in the Central American country of Belize a few years back, he said,

"... a woman who was a neighbor of mine was arrested. She is a nice lady who happened to refuse the advances of the local political party representative and was chosen for discipline. I refused to press charges and she was released.
"Of course the government was involved. And of course I would never go back."

Here is the link to his interview at Slashdot (CLICK HERE).

Also, you may find his personal website (CLICK HERE) provocative and, at the same time, mundane.

Whether you applaud or abhor his doings, many will agree he is an “interesting” person.

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