At work, a “show stopper” was removed from the main effort I need to finish before leaving so I’m suddenly “up to here” with things I can accomplish. Consequently, the work-days this week – today, tomorrow and then Friday – should pass very quickly.

But we have lots of out-of-town family visiting so evenings and holidays are booked-up solid with them.

We had a big bash at our son’s home last night including dinner for what must’ve been close to twenty. Ted and Gosia put on a great spread including one of Ted’s specialties, roasted pork shoulder. There was lots of catching up by everyone and, for the three college students, lots of comparisons and discussions of who’s studying the hardest. They’re all smart kids and have great potential so the schools are pushing them hard into the grind stone. It was nice to see them relax from all the spark throwing.

Tonight, there’s a smaller group – about a dozen – gathering at our neighborhood sushi bar, Sushi Style. I stopped by at lunchtime to make the arrangements. Kevin has┬áspecial ordered some Toro for us – it was the VERY best when I had it a couple of weeks ago. Hope it’s as good again tonight!

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