I Quit

  • Posted: 12/1/14
  • Category: Family

Work, that is. I turned in my notice today. As of New Year’s day 2015, I will no longer be a full-time employee.

I will be retired.

Social Security should deposit our first FRA (Full Retirement Age) check for me and spouse on – get this – December 24th! Medicare B kicks on January 1st as does the Supplemental we need to continue at Mayo. The fees for the latter plus Plan D (drugs) are dead on the worst case estimates I made decades ago when we decided how much we needed to save – wish it were less but, even so, it’s within the budgeted projection. And our IRA is right where we think it needs to be to maintain our standard of living from here on.

Flipping the switches to “Retired” is a major piece of work. All told, we’ve been making final decisions for six months and carrying out steps for three. It’s a major piece of work. And, no doubt, we will probably discover we’ve missed or messed up some parts that’ll have to get redone.

But we’re thirty days away, most actions have been completed and confirmed, and other than disconnecting from my full-time job and returning all their “work at home” equipment, this month should finish it.

A new chapter begins January 1st, 2015.

And the book is far from finished!


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