Ten Work Days To Go

For the past several months we’ve been amazingly busy getting everything ready. Social security and Medicare B had to be started, there were supplemental medical policies to evaluate, choose and apply for coverage, as well as dozens of other things.

One fairly sizable item was shifting all the family information and, more so, my daily non-work habits, to a non-work computer. That is, personal stuff that I was doing on their computer had to be re-thought. The company has been generous is allowing employees to use their computer for non-work tasks. I’ve been using it to login to the bank and pay bills, read my flat5.net email and to surf the net (to a minor extent).

All that is now shifted to a new Mac Book. I’ve then added some software for personal things I’ll be doing in retirement such as creating some videos, writing music, dabbling in fiction and so forth. All of that, however, is “still to come”.

Today’s work agenda includes a conference call and Webex session with the course developers that will be picking up where I am leaving off. For reasons of pride, I’ll do the best I can these final ten days but, after that, I’m out. It’ll be up to them to carry the work forward.

Ten and counting…

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