Three of a Kind

And while there are three work days to go – they are the “three of a kind” mentioned in the title – they really won’t be alike.

Today is the last day of real work and that will be consumed by running a full set of backups, a multi-hour job. (Someone may need what’s left on my work computer some day so, as a “good dooby”, I’m protecting it.)

Monday will be packing equipment for shipment. We’ve been saving boxes and packing material for a couple of months – the tool room and lawn tools storage area are jam-packed with what I’ll need. It’s amazing how much “stuff” one collects in nine years at one place.

Then, Tuesday will be mostly waiting for the purple and orange truck to come and take most of the boxes away. Just a couple of odds and ends such as the company cell phone will linger.

Wednesday, the 31st, is my formal last day of employment. It is a company holiday. At five PM on that day, I’ll erase any remaining data and do a factory reset on the phone. It then goes in the final box to be dropped off at the Fedex store.

Good bye!

Priorities for the “new life” that begins on New Years day are health, then finance, and finally, enjoyment.

Side note: I’m surprised how much better I’ve been sleeping the past couple of months.

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