Read Your Job Description

Not your job, Mr. President.

I feel for the plight of the immigrants to this country as much as anyone. They’ve (mostly) escaped to a place that will allow them to make a better life*.

But when the President oversteps his authority and attempts to make law that the Supreme Court says is not within his power to do, he should go back and read his job description – it’s in the Constitution – and then find a way to get things done legally.

Everyone has limits except Dictators.

You are the President, Mr. Obama. Act like it.

Unfortunately, Obama has such a long record of abuse that when he so much as raises a finger, the knee jerk reaction is to take exception. In this case, that “knee jerk” went all the way to SCOTUS where half of the justices agreed he had overstepped his authority.

Whose fault is that? One President or hundreds of members of Congress?

* Assuming they are willing to work hard and not abuse the public dole.

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