Telling A Lie

Words mean things, specific things.

A “lie” is when someone knows otherwise but chooses to intentionally deceive others.

That’s not the same as believing or hoping something and saying so. That’s not telling a lie.

And when those beliefs are challenged but the person sticks to their guns, that also is not telling a lie.

To be a lie, they have to know it’s a lie.

Joe isn’t lying because he doesn’t realize that what he’s being told to say is not the truth. Rather, he is being deceived, and is incompetent to realize otherwise. I pity the man.

And Trump isn’t lying because he believes something that others do not. He is being true to his beliefs. I honor his integrity.

Finally, when I read a news report that refers to “Trump’s lie” about the election, I know I’m reading the words of a biased reporter.

You and I are free to believe as we will about the last election. We can pick and choose the facts we like, dismiss opinions as we feel appropriate, and read-into people’s actions whatever intent we may.

But when a news report begins adapting, modifying, and mis-using the English language, I have to take exception.

It is not a lie to state what you believe to be the truth.

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