Chopstick Dexterity

If the Dems had their way, they would be the only party. They’d tell you who the candidates are and you’d be allowed to vote for (only) them.

In the US House of Representatives, the party that’s in the majority (was Dem, now Rep – this’ll be interesting) elects the “President of the House.” That person not only oversees the business of the House allowing members to speak (or wait), casts a vote when a tie-break is needed, and is in-line for the Presidency should a vacancy occur for some reason. The majority party in the House nominates one of their members to be the “Presidency of the House,” and then your Representatives—all 435 of them—vote to elect one from amongst their membership. Whoever gets the “majority plus one” wins.

And when one party has an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives, they rule.

Chinese Communist Party

That’s how it works in China. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) chooses the candidates in local elections. While “the people” get to vote, they can only choose one of the Party-designated candidates.

Five-Year Cycle

Every five years in China, the general meeting of the CCP—about 2,000 elected members, see earlier herein—convenes. They elect their leaders from a ballot offered by the CCP. (Note that the CCP is led by the existing leaders, so it is they who specify who will be on the next ballot.)

Control of the Press

The Chinese government, of course, strictly regulates the press and internet within their borders. It’s “their way or the highway.” Censorship is common, is “built-in” to websites and social media there, and happens without any knowledge by the general public. (If you want your social media site to be used in China, you must conform to the CCP’s dictates.)

The coverup Elon Musk is revealing (about Hunter Biden’s laptop) is about US government censorship (by the Presidency, the Dem party, the FBI, DOJ, etc.) of Twitter posts (on the internet). Because of the volume of posts, what began as manual intervention has been escalated to “built-in” to Facebook and most other social media.

Changing the Constitution

China’s Constitution is easy to change, and the CCP has done so repeatedly. What used to be several different high offices (Chairman, Premier, President) that had to be different people and with limited terms has been changed so one person, Li Jinping, now holds all of those powers, and can do so for life. China’s Constitution was drafted (by the CCP) to facilitate change.

The US Constitution, unlike China’s, is very difficult to amend. It is made that way for the same reason that the Legislature (House and Senate) can overrule the Executive (President and Vice President), and the Judiciary (the Supreme Court) can negate the efforts of the other two branches. The US Constitution is intended to impede change.

We have become much like China, and continue to become more and more like them.

Are you practicing your chopsticks yet?

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