• Posted: 7/11/23
  • Category: News

Welcome to the website!

EDSkinner.net presents Ed’s novels, short stories, and works of non-fiction. Some are free; some are to purchase.

Existing blogs and other content from Flat5.net have been merged to form a single website. Both web addresses will be retained, but resolve to the same location. Using either address, you’ll see the same content.

Blogging will continue, tempered by the time being devoted to fiction. (You’ll need to click Blog in the menu to see the latest posts.)

The Home Page will feature Ed’s fictional works, all of which will include notes on how they came about as well as where they can be acquired. Some will be free and available for immediate download, while others will be on sale through various outlets.

We hope you will explore both the new and the old, and enjoy this website.


EDSkinner.net began in 2023. Fiction and non-fiction publications are included as well as (blog) posts and supplemental materials from flat5.net (2004-present).

Comments submitted on individual pages are subject to approval. General suggestions may be sent via the Contact page.

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