Motor Running and Radio On

For many, life is like sitting in the driveway with the motor running and the radio on. It’s entertaining but eventually the needle creeps down to the E of Empty and it’s over.

Others use the car for errands: pick up groceries, drop the kids at school, drive to church on Sunday… They observe the speed limit, rock back to a full stop at octagonal signs, and wave to let others merge in front. They glide through the neighborhoods as they take care of their business but never see what else is out there.

Me, I’m not particularly impressed by limits promulgated by anyone in public office. Pavement, painted lines, and posted decrees are pot-holes to my attention. I’m focused on the grand parade of the world. In my car, I’ll comply with the rules of the road, but only because that let’s me pursue what I really want to do which is looking out the window to marvel at life’s diversity, and to occasionally stop, get out, and join in.

"If you see someone zooming down the road a tad over the limit, their arm on the sill of the open window, mouth open and singing along with a blaring radio while drumming the steering wheel, that'll be me blowing out the cobwebs."

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