Faces From Bullseye

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Tim Copley

John Zurek and Jim Henderson

Adam Sokolowski (on right)

'Clean' Target

(100 points)

E D Skinner (dark blue shirt)

Meet Director

Don Plante

In or Out?

John Zurek, Bob Thorne, Tony Silva (hidden), Daryl Szarenski

Jim Henderson and Steve Reiter

Barbara Shinn

Jim Henderson (atop the berm)

Bill Weldon

Art Pimentel (far right)

Steve Locatelli

Tim Conley

Bob Thorne

Adam Sokolowski

Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson and E D Skinner


Tony Silva

John Zurek, Jim Henderson, and Adam Sokolowski

John Zurek and Don Plante

Reynold Schilke

Don Weldon

Steve Locatelli


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