How It Works
January 12, 2016
My Paternal Line Henry Skinner, 1822-unknown is pictured here. He is my great, great-grandfather on my all-father’s line.
A New World
September 14, 2015
Every generation remakes their immediate world. Dress, slang, music and social norms all change.
This is a glass-cased version of why our Dad carried in a metal tube inside his coat pocket all the time.
Home for spring break, her “let’s go to the range” request coincided with the Tuesday evening Nighthawks so I said, “Yes, if you’ll shoot your first competition.
The shirt is one of many memorabilia I’ve collected over the years of Bullseye shooting at various clubs sandwiched in with business travels.
Soon It’s Gonna Rain
February 28, 2015
So go the lyrics to a song from The Fantastics.
January 15, 2015
Ebby was cook on a river towboat. They ran barges on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers; the work was hard and they ate well.
December 22, 2014
At work, a “show stopper” was removed from the main effort I need to finish before leaving so I’m suddenly “up to here” with things I can accomplish.

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