Evolution The trees did it long before us. They polluted the air with toxic gas, devoured simple minerals and bound them up in complicated molecules that, after eons, rotted into vile tar and oil.
I fear that those of us who have never known war first hand will, in our ignorance of and inaction to distant evils, serve only to give them time to perpetrate those horrors again and again.
The Real World

February 10, 2015
On the one hand there are those who, given the opportunity, would kill us without any thought of our individuality.
As the pie chart shows, there are plenty to consider, and that’s without sub-dividing Christianity into its dozens of factions from the Bible-thumpers to those that barely mention Jesus, or breaking up Islam into the multitude of Jihadists versus peace-lovers in that rather significant slice.

June 4, 2013
"Jesus said, 'One can't enter a strong person's house and take it by force without tying his hands.

May 15, 2013
As near as I can translate, I’m quite sure that God said,
Who was Jesus? Who is The Christ? Are they the same or was the reality molded to become a stronger unifying influence – with all good intent, mind you – by the early church?
USNA, Annapolis MD

November 12, 2012
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