Year Nine

January 1, 2023
Things I’ve always wanted to do, but …
Housing prices in Phoenix have skyrocketed with the influx of Californians.
It’s 1984 Again

September 25, 2016
Specifically, if you have an Android cell phone and have shopped for any new app, then you’ll have a Google account.
How It Works

January 12, 2016
My Paternal Line Henry Skinner, 1822-unknown is pictured here. He is my great, great-grandfather on my all-father’s line.
When you travel to a place that uses a language you don’t know, things can be challenging.
So go the lyrics to a song from The Fantastics.
Osaka Business Hotel

January 20, 2015
While cleaning up my work-office-at-home, I found a few memories that challenge a neat and tidy filing.
My Neighborhood

January 14, 2015
Picardy Place, later Picardy Street, is shaped like the letter “T” but laying down.

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