Maintenance: Bootstrap Notes

Disclaimer: Maintenance pages are for those who update this website. Nonetheless, everyone is free to look.

Bootstrap Settings

  • Pristine Bootstrap 5.3.1 files are stored within themes/Author-Blog/assets/css/bootstrap-5.3.1/
  • Overrides thereof are specified in themes/Author-Blog/assets/css/main.scss
  • Additional CSS overriding Bootstrap is in (see themes/Author-Blog/assets/css/):
    • _aside.scss - Aside comments
    • _preview.scss - Preview Card
    • _publication.scss - All Publications
    • _toc.scss - Table of Contents
    • _typefaces.scss - Type faces (main text and headings)
      Note: Additional type face overrides may be found in various other places.
  • Unused Bootstrap features have been disabled (commented-out in the above main.scss):
    • accordion
    • alert
    • badge
    • breadcrumb
    • close
    • list-group
    • modal
    • offcanvas
    • placeholders
    • popover
    • progress
    • spinners
    • toasts
    • tooltip

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