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Typical Parameters

For each page, post, and publication:

  • title: "" - The page, post, or publication’s title
  • author: - Fill-in (defaults to “E D Skinner”)
  • date: - Date assigned to the article, if any (include with posts, but omit in other sections)
  • lastmod: - Date of last modification (YYYY-DD-MM)
  • publishDate: - Date on which the article is to appear, defaults to date (typically posts-only)
  • draft: false | true - Withhold the page (draft: true) or publish (draft: false)
  • description: "" One-line summary for computer SEO <meta description=""> (not visible to humans)
  • summary: "" One-line summary for human readers
  • categories: [] - Broadest classification: see Categories, Tags, and Keywords
  • tags: [] - More precise classification(s): see Categories, Tags, and Keywords
  • keywords: [] - Precise terms, often proper nouns, used in search engine(s): see Categories, Tags, and Keywords
  • metakeywords: false | true - Enable/disable <meta name="keywords" content="..."> in HTML header (not recommended)
  • thumbnail: "images/THUMBNAIL.webp" - 75x100 (tiny) image to appear on primary links, if any
  • featuredImage: "images/COVER.webp" - 350x? (or larger) image to appear before text, if any
  • previous: "" - Details of previous publication, if any
  • toc: false | true - Display a Table of Contents on the page
  • rss: false | true - Include in RSS feed
  • todo: false | true - Maintenance needed on page (displays a warning when true)

For additional front-matter, see Hugo Front matter.

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