Maintenance: Overview

Disclaimer: Maintenance pages are for those who update this website. Nonetheless, everyone is free to look.

Webmaster Duties

  • Monitoring and policing comments at Disqus;
  • Adding and editing content;
  • Processing images as needed;
  • Placing publication (and other) downloads in the appropriate location(s);
  • Complying with the website’s style guidelines;
  • Generating and uploading content to the hosting system;
  • Creating periodic off-line backup copies of the website’s master files; and
  • Double-checking that the publicly available content matches the off-line content.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Hugo
  • Bootstrap 5
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Plain-text editing, command line navigation
  • Makefiles

History began in 2023. Fiction and non-fiction publications are included as well as (blog) posts and supplemental materials from (2004-present).

Comments submitted on individual pages are subject to approval. General suggestions may be sent via the Contact page.

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