Maintenance: Static Page Website

Disclaimer: Maintenance pages are for those who update this website. Nonetheless, everyone is free to look.

A static-page website does not use Wordpress or any other Content Management System.

Instead, pages are generated offline and then uploaded, in finished form, to the hosting service.

As a result, it is extremely fast.

How It Works

With a static-page website, individual pages are edited on an off-line system such as the owner’s personal computer. (Ed uses a MacBook Pro.) The HTML (and other) pages are generated there and tested. When ready, they are uploaded to the web-hosting system.

Ed writes in Markdown and uses Hugo to generate the web pages. BlueHost provides the hosting service for and the redirection of to the same place.

History began in 2023. Fiction and non-fiction publications are included as well as (blog) posts and supplemental materials from (2004-present).

Comments submitted on individual pages are subject to approval. General suggestions may be sent via the Contact page.

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