E D Skinner

Edward Draper Skinner’s career took him around the world writing and teaching software used in embedded computers; those are the ones that land airplanes, steer your car, and keep a patient alive during surgery.

He retired from that at the end of 2014 and began working his way through an accumulated list of Things I Always Wanted To Do But Couldn’t. Some were completed in short order, and a couple were struck off as impractical or no longer of interest. But a handful remained, and they’ve engaged him ever since.

Ed now writes fiction and non-fiction, reads about computer software to learn new skills, plays with Jack, the family labradoodle, watches old movies, and wrestles with his web pages.


EDSkinner.net is Ed’s writing website. It describes his fictional works. It is a static page website that is generated by Hugo not Wordpress.

Flat5.net was Ed’s first website. It started with hand-coded HTML on four pages in 2001. Ed added blogs in 2004 with Wordpress, and then in 2023 most of its content was transferred to EDSkinner.net.

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EDSkinner.net began in 2023. Fiction and non-fiction publications are included as well as (blog) posts and supplemental materials from flat5.net (2004-present).

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