Email posted to Bullseye-L EDITED 12/17/2016 The spreadsheet of 22LR ammunition velocities is as ready as it’s going to be (for a while).
Accidental Discharge!

February 16, 2005
Email posted to Bullseye-L I’ll add a STRONG WARNING on this [thread].
Email posted to Bullseye-L I look forward to a 2700 like Kevin just reported.
Trash Can Snap Cap

February 3, 2005
Email posted to Bullseye-L If you’re looking for a reusable “snap cap” for your Smith & Wesson model 41, you might want to take a look at what I created.
Arm Strength

January 23, 2005
Email posted to Bullseye-L (long since defunct) I have been surprised to find out, and I’m maybe even a little embarassed to admit, how important arm, and especially shoulder, strength is in all this.
First Lesson

December 27, 2004
On the Monday after Christmas, I called Coach Pat [Dolan] at the phone number he’d given me during the Bullseye competition two months previously.
I bought a Smith and Wesson Model 41 .22 caliber target pistol (about this date) from Sportsman’s Warehouse in Phoenix AZ.
I sold both the Ruger .357 New Blackhawk and the Walther P-22 semi-automatic pistols at a gun show today.

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