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The P-22 arrived back from Walther and the rear sight is tight again.
The rear sight has worked itself loose. Walther will pay shipping both ways and complete the warranty repair so I’m out nothing but time … and fun at the range.
Scottsdale Gun Club
August 26, 2004
I joined the Scottsdale Gun Club. I paid a $100.00 one-time “initiation” fee and gave my credit card information for the monthly $39.
Well, the Ruger .357 was quite an education. It is hellish to shoot, very intimidating (to the shooter as well as anyone downrange) and not cheap.
I bought my first gun today, a Ruger “New Blackhawk” (used) single-action .
Getting Started
July 1, 2004
Background After going pistol shooting with some co-workers, I became interested in target shooting.

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