Made 300 to Test
June 2, 2009
(Pictured: Jim Henderson and myself) I made 300 rounds of wad ammo to test at Nighthawks tomorrow evening.
April 7, 2009
Tony has a provocative idea. In his Harmonic Functions on Manifolds blog, he suggests pulling out your best scores from the record book – you all write down your scores, don’t you?
Martindale Gauge
November 24, 2008
If you reload 45 ACP for automatics (but not necessarily for revolvers), you need one of Bruce Martindale’s gauges.
On a recent business trip to the Washington DC area, I had a couple of spare hours to visit the National Firearms Museum.
Central Pennsylvania
August 31, 2008
I absolutely love central Pennsylvania, from the southern border with Maryland all the way up to New York state.
Bob Brown
August 13, 2008
I met Bob Brown once while on a business trip to San Diego.
Primers and powder need to be stored in their original containers, but locked well away from grasping and naive hands.
Cheap Glasses
May 29, 2008
I’m cheap. The less I spend on other things, the more I have for bullets.


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