Steve Reiter, national champion Bullseye shooter many times over, is a stack of rocks.
Brian Zins has won the US national bullseye (Conventional Pistol) competition at Camp Perry Ohio more times than most of us have shot Xs in a single target.
Don’t have an unloaded handgun to practice with? No problem. Here’s how to practice moving the trigger finger straight back.
I travel for a living. My job often sends me out on a Monday and home again on Friday but sometimes there’s a Sunday “out” or a Saturday “back” day.
Feel the Wiggle
October 12, 2006
For what it may be worth, I learned something unexpected in dry-fire.
Bad Guns Lie!
October 1, 2006
I tested my two 1911s, the ball gun and the wadder, on a Ransom Rest today.
The Value of Range Brass
February 13, 2006
Heretofore, I’ve picked up 45 ACP empties at the indoor range I use in Scottsdale AZ.
Here are some less-than-obvious values to good equipment. The bullet goes where the gun was aimed when the hammer was released.


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