Coach Pat

Is it one? Zero? Many? I’ve asked a number of shooters what’s going on inside their head when they shoot.
Confidence Food
May 5, 2012
Had more good targets than bad. Three pasters for the 900 - I’m saving money on those (finally).
Marine Corp Birthday
November 10, 2011
Sir, we salute you on this, your 236th birthday.
The wife is still on the fence about going downtown today.
Those who work in offices try to work in some enjoyment in the evenings and weekends.
Steve Reiter, national champion Bullseye shooter many times over, is a stack of rocks.
No More Dots!
February 21, 2008
It’s gonna be the hard way, now: Iron sights and nothing but.
I’ve been concentrating on the 45 hardball gun for several weeks (seems like months) and other than two 900s per month on the 22 and 45 wad gun, I’ve been shooting almost nothing else.

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