I didn’t, but hear my story. My first reloader was a Dillon Square Deal B, a progressive with auto-indexing bought used at a carport sale.
Cheapest Reloading
March 22, 2013
The cheapest way to get into reloading is the Lee Classic Loader (45 ACP shown here), $26.
Here are some tips and a summary of some key parts of that written process, many of which apply to the Dillon 650, and some tips that may apply to any reloading effort regardless of brand.
Reloading Tips
October 14, 2012
In no particular order, here they are. Leftover dust from walnut shell cleaner does not seem to be a problem (other than in the primer tube).
This is the third of a five part series. In this part we look at Cartridge Overall Length (COL) and crimp to discover what tolerance is recommended and whether or not we can get accurate measurements with the available instruments.
Replacing Dillon Ear Pads
February 29, 2012
I love my Dillon Precision HP1 Electronic Hearing Protectors but, after a couple of years at the outdoor range, the black vinyl covers had become cracked and the foam pads had lost their spring.
Brass Cleaning
January 4, 2011
Ok, Ok, it’s a boring subject, I know. But it’s gotta be done so let’s get this out’a the way.
Sounding Out the Brass
August 24, 2009
Any split brass in that pile you are about to reload?


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