Don Plante

Faces of Bullseye (Precision Pistol) shooters.
I think I’ve got it! Or rather I should say that I think Don Plante figured it out.
Gun Log Book

June 9, 2012
Do you ever ask questions like these? When did I last replace the recoil spring in the wad gun and does it run best with 11 or 12 pounds for my current load?
2007 Desert Midwinter Bullseye Pictures
Wad Gun

October 19, 2005
Okay, I’m convinced. My Springfield Armory “Mil-Spec” 1911 in Parkerized finish is becoming an impediment to my learning to shoot, but perhaps not in the way many would think.
Stinkin’ Thinkin’

September 14, 2005
It was “International” at Nighthawks league last night. The turnout was relatively small especially considering that the temperature had backed off from previous weeks.
Look Ma, No Hands!

August 10, 2005
Shooting, I’m beginning to suspect, is like riding a bicycle. Intellectually you know what you have to do but as long as you have to think about it, you’re gonna crash.
2005 Arizona State Bullseye Championship Pictures

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