Ed Masaki

Where and When
June 12, 2009
I’ve been shooting Bullseye a little over four years, since early 2005.
The wife is still on the fence about going downtown today.
Clubs and Ranges
July 26, 2008
My work has me on the road a lot and, when possible, I try to get in some range time.
Cheap Glasses
May 29, 2008
I’m cheap. The less I spend on other things, the more I have for bullets.
I travel for a living. My job often sends me out on a Monday and home again on Friday but sometimes there’s a Sunday “out” or a Saturday “back” day.
Ignoring the “first round flyers” (described in previous blog) which I think are an artifact of our test procedure, the group sizes and shapes I fired on the Ransom Rest this past Saturday in my factory-new (December 2004) Smith and Wesson Model 41 were:
Note: Ed Harris is the “Ed” in Ed’s Red; that’s not me.


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