Ed Masaki

Where and When

June 12, 2009
I’ve been shooting Bullseye a little over four years, since early 2005.
The wife is still on the fence about going downtown today.
My work has me on the road a lot and, when possible, I try to get in some range time.
Cheap Glasses

May 29, 2008
I’m cheap. The less I spend on other things, the more I have for bullets.
I travel for a living. My job often sends me out on a Monday and home again on Friday but sometimes there’s a Sunday “out” or a Saturday “back” day.
Ignoring the “first round flyers” (described in previous blog) which I think are an artifact of our test procedure, the group sizes and shapes I fired on the Ransom Rest this past Saturday in my factory-new (December 2004) Smith and Wesson Model 41 were:
Note: Ed Harris is the “Ed” in Ed’s Red; that’s not me.


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