The rules of the Bullseye sport allow considerable latitude in equipment and technique.
Stiff Arm

November 25, 2005
Last Sunday night, after shooting the 50 foot targets for the NRA Postal where my unofficial score was 534-6 out of 600-40 (there is no X ring in the two 50 foot Slow Fire targets) with a 96-3 on one of the Rapid Fire targets – not too shabby for this Marksman – a couple of the shooters stuck around for an hour of air pistol.
Look Ma, No Hands!

August 10, 2005
Shooting, I’m beginning to suspect, is like riding a bicycle. Intellectually you know what you have to do but as long as you have to think about it, you’re gonna crash.
Arm Strength

January 23, 2005
Email posted to Bullseye-L (long since defunct) I have been surprised to find out, and I’m maybe even a little embarassed to admit, how important arm, and especially shoulder, strength is in all this.
First Lesson

December 27, 2004
On the Monday after Christmas, I called Coach Pat [Dolan] at the phone number he’d given me during the Bullseye competition two months previously.

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