Head Game

May 16, 2011
My wife and I were on our way to one of our granddaughter’s soccer games one recent Saturday.
Attentional Spotlight
August 12, 2009
I’m reading a non-Bullseye book that has, nonetheless, a lot to say about how we succeed or fail at many aspects that directly contribute to our performance at the firing line.
November 17, 2008
Some days start good and then go bad. Others start bad and stay that way.
Shooters learn Bullseye much the same way they do any other sport.
Inspiration is a great motivator. I’ve shot Bullseye at a lot of clubs around the US and, in every case, there were better shooters than myself on the line.
I’ve made some good progress this year. In my 2006 New Year’s resolution I said that “it will be nice to climb out of the Marksman ranks this year” and, effective 05/23/2006, I formally started competing in the Sharpshooter classification as per the NRA.
The Internal Coach
December 29, 2005
I tried a slight modification to the approach I recently wrote about.
Don’t Think, Just Throw
December 19, 2005
In the movie, Bull Durham, Tim Robbin’s character discovers that when he doesn’t think, he pitches better – a lot better.


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