It’s about the journey, the in-betweens.
Try these lyrics (by Tam) with My Favorite Things. (If you can’t remember it, listen to Julie Andrew’s.
Sex for Ammo?
March 11, 2013
Sure enough, a young and rather attractive blonde started hovering near that side of the car with the occasional glance inside and then toward the store.
But, from the looks of what’s happening in this picture, I fear the dreaded Sonoran black lichen bear may get to him first.
Road Number = Speed Limit
November 21, 2012
On numbered roads, whether expressed in numbers or written out, the speed limit will be that road’s number.
Word of the Day
November 16, 2012
Retroproctologist (I don’t want to know.)
Pasters vs Pasties
October 4, 2012
Here’s an aid to target shooting terminology: Pasters reduce visual distractions.
He Said, She Said
September 8, 2012
He: No, dear. [pause] Does it bother you that I pick up sluts on business trips?

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