International Pistol

Earlier this week I reloaded all the 45 ACP wadcutter ammo I’ll need (and then some) for this week’s Desert Midwinter 2014 competition.
While this is easy to deal with in a competition – you have two hours for 60 shots plus your sighters, usually 10 or 20 – it’s distracting; it breaks my concentration.
I recently discovered a very simple aid to Dueling Fire. My scores took an immediate jump of 5-6 points and, even better, I started enjoying it.

October 10, 2012
But neither of these is how it started. The original barrel was 7" long and had a Keng rear sight.
The athlete that will represent the United States on Free Pistol at the London Olympic games is being decided this weekend in Fort Benning Georgia.
So far. But they say they’re like Accidental Discharges: If you haven’t had one yet, just wait.
Hot? Did someone say it’s hot in Arizona? And at the end of September?
Wow, what a turnout! We had a total of ten (10) shooters last night for the Nighthawks weekly event at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club in spite of the unseasonal heat.

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