Negligent Discharge

There are two parts to this evening’s post: a lament and a quiz (below the mark).
So far. But they say they’re like Accidental Discharges: If you haven’t had one yet, just wait.
Calling The Line

February 26, 2011
"Attention! Attention on the line! Your three minute preparation time begins .

March 23, 2010
I occasionally take non-shooters to the range for their first experience with firearms.
(Posted to Bullseye-L.) It’s worth mentioning an “oops” (Accidental Discharge) I had while doing the Ball and Dummy drill in the hope that someone else may avoid doing likewise.
Posted to Bullseye-L With all of the conversations on this list about sight picture, where to focus, how to hold, what loads are used at the short versus the long line, when to think and when to just shoot, safety is seldom mentioned but, nonetheless, is in every movement we make at the line.
Accidental Discharge!

February 16, 2005
Email posted to Bullseye-L I’ll add a STRONG WARNING on this [thread].

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