Home for spring break, her “let’s go to the range” request coincided with the Tuesday evening Nighthawks so I said, “Yes, if you’ll shoot your first competition.
October 10, 2012
But neither of these is how it started. The original barrel was 7" long and had a Keng rear sight.
68 Degrees and Counting
September 22, 2012
Fall arrived two hours ago - that’s the Autumnal Equinox, when the length of the day has shortened to equal the length of the night.
We shoot 2700s every other Sunday but this was the other, other Sunday.
Damp and chilly. Brrrr! The humidity was high and, with the cool 58 degrees, there was a decided chill to the air as we shot the Bullseye 900 last night.
Hot? Did someone say it’s hot in Arizona? And at the end of September?
Wow, what a turnout! We had a total of ten (10) shooters last night for the Nighthawks weekly event at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club in spite of the unseasonal heat.
It’s “traditional Bullseye 900” this coming week (Tuesday, June 1, 2010) at Nighthawks in Phoenix Arizona.

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