Open theism

The main tenet of Open Theism is that man has free will and, consequently, God does not know what we are going to do.
A contract basically says that if one party does something, then the other party promises to do something in return.
The Power of Prayer
April 27, 2011
If you believe that praying for something works, that praying for God to intercede and save a child’s life, or to help warring factions agree to a cease fire, or simply that God will help you find a way to help others this day, then you are an Open Theist.
Divine Intercession
April 26, 2011
Just as a parent is sometimes surprised, or horrified, at something his/her child may do, so too is God sometimes pleased and sometimes unhappy with our choices.
Bob Enyart of the Denver Bible Church is a proponent of both Open Theism and Bible-based Christian teachings.
Christian Open Theist
August 30, 2007
I am a Christian Open Theist. That means I have a powerful belief in the example, message and role of Christ, and that I believe God gave us true Free Will, that the future is not pre-ordained, that to a very large extent, what happens is up to us.

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