Finally, SUMMER!!!

September 1, 2011
In Phoenix, September starts SUMMER!!! That’s boldface, capital letters and three exclamation marks.
Calling The Line

February 26, 2011
"Attention! Attention on the line! Your three minute preparation time begins .
I’ve written before about solo shooting in my backyard air pistol range.
Did you bring your desert hiking boots? I’ve got a bit of a trek ahead.

March 13, 2010
I shoot Bullseye for several reasons. Those who know me can report that, yes, my #1 reason is for the camaraderie; I just plain like the people I meet who are shooting Bullseye.
Five days, four guns, nine disciplines and over a thousand rounds, that was the Arizona Desert Midwinter competition for 2010.
The wife is still on the fence about going downtown today.
Before Little things: John occasionally brings sweets – donuts, cupcakes, etc.

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