Being Edited

October 6, 2023
What’s it like to be edited?
My Neighborhood

January 14, 2015
Picardy Place, later Picardy Street, is shaped like the letter “T” but laying down.
You cock it with the handle and then “fire” a single chuff of air.
Family, Always Family

November 23, 2014
Terri is the middle child in our family. That’s her in the light-colored coat and hat in the foreground.
Twists and Turns

October 12, 2014
Two years later, he would have a heart attack. I vividly remember him on the bathroom floor in his underwear and Mom shooing me out, “Get ready for school.
The Rock

November 23, 2013
The Rock began in a tool room in the back of Bebop’s garage.
The Green Chair

October 2, 2011
Family is like this; it stays with you no matter what.
There is much truth in the movie. The dialog, the attitudes, the laws, the houses and decors of the two sides of this story are all spot-on.


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