Chopstick Dexterity

December 5, 2022
One-party System: How It Really Works
Telling A Lie

September 17, 2022
Words mean things, specific things. A “lie” is when someone knows otherwise but chooses to intentionally deceive others.
2024 Election SNAFU

February 20, 2022
According to “Biden vs. Trump: The Makings of a Shattering Constitutional Crisis” the 2024 federal election could shape-up like this.
The Fifth Estate includes social media, blogs, the internet in general, and all of us.
Tax Breaks

September 28, 2016
You get a break on your taxes for: Your minimal cost of living-the “standard deduction”; Medical expenses (above a certain amount); Donating to charity; Investing in a business; and Many other reasons.
Not your job, Mr. President. I feel for the plight of the immigrants to this country as much as anyone.
If Hillary is charged while Obama is in office, he can pardon her of any such crimes.
The three main search engines, google.com, bing.com and yahoo.com all do the same basic three functions.


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