The existing two parties are broken and corrupt. Both of them.
Hillary’s ticket out? I quote: "The Obama Administration has begun a systematic examination of its national security classification policies, known as the Fundamental Classification Guidance Review (FCGR), in an effort to eliminate obsolete classification requirements and to reduce national security secrecy.
Vote Twice or More

December 26, 2015
It that legal? For federal elections, the Constitution (and Amendments) say you must satisfy three (3) requirements in order to vote in a federal election.
Purpose of Laws

October 5, 2015
Outlaws are, by definition, outside the law. Laws don’t stop them.
A New World

September 14, 2015
Every generation remakes their immediate world. Dress, slang, music and social norms all change.

September 8, 2015
Back when I was a working stiff – nine and a half months ago – I would watch movies on “pad” devices, iPad at first then Android later, during long airplane flights.
ITAR Abuse

June 9, 2015
I know ITAR, the International Trade Agreement Regulations. President Obama has recently proposed changes in the interpretation of ITAR such that it would restrict discussions on blogs and other internet sources.
Every time I see all those little turds circling after and following the big ones down the toilet, I look forward to the next general election.


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