A Fine Line

December 1, 2013
OK, this is going to be a fine line. The “link” included at the end of this post is to a publicly retrievable photograph on someone else’s web page, on Facebook to be precise.
The deadlock is an intentional feature of the US Constitution. It is supposed to happen when the government becomes heavily divided – it is supposed to stop the government so that the people – that’s you and me – have the time and incentive to act.
The electoral college meets and casts votes in two weeks, on December 17th.
"The Obama Promise: 1. Order anything you want; 2. The guy behind you pays; 3.
VP Debate

October 12, 2012
As a former debater, I love a good word-scrap. Last night’s Vice Presidential debate was, from that perspective, thrilling.
Good News, Bad News

September 24, 2012
Did you get yours? They’re illegal in the District of Columbia so don’t go driving past the White House – you could be fined $100 or locked up for 30 days.

August 17, 2012
This could not be more transparent, more pathetic, or more abusive: “White House studying potential oil reserve release”.


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