Lemi Shine has been questioned as a cleaning agent for brass because, in some circumstances, it seems to turn the brass pink.
I didn’t, but hear my story. My first reloader was a Dillon Square Deal B, a progressive with auto-indexing bought used at a carport sale.
Revised 03/17/2014 Wet cleaning with stainless steel media is better than the dry, vibratory method and takes no additional time – when adjusted for my needs.
Here is a sampling from the first batch, all “many times fired” shells, tumbled according to the vendor’s recipe.
Time to do some planning. Equipment Thumler’s Model B, high speed tumbler 5 lbs stainless steel media (from STM) 1 Tablespoon measure (for the Dawn) 1/4 Teaspoon measure (for the Lemi-Shine) Magnet Sandwich baggie (for magnet above) Container(s) to measure 1.
Experimenting with LSD
August 18, 2013
“LSD” = Lemi-Shine and Detergent, a method of cleaning ammunition brass for reloading.
Part One Part Two Part Three Two series of test loads have been fired downrange in the Ransom Rest in pursuit of an accurate load for some 155 grain Moly-coated LSWCs I have on-hand.
Part One Part Two Part Three Fortunately, Hodgdon’s on-line database does and, better still, it includes loads for two powders I actually have on-hand, Hodgdons Clays and Winchester 231.

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