Start with two buckets for brass. Label them #1 and #2.
What happens if a case of ammo is dropped 65 feet, struck by a fired shot, exposed to the detonation of a blasting cap, ground under the tread of a bulldozer or torched in a fire?
Calipers are an instrument for taking an inside or an outside measurement, having either two bowed legs or a sliding jaw.
Measuring the crimp is arguably one of the most difficult measurements to take when reloading ammunition.
Scale Stabilization

February 11, 2013
I have some 200 grain sample bullets to test. My first test is to see how consistent is the weight from one bullet to the next.
1911 Kaboom!

December 6, 2012
Speculation is a double-charge when reloading caused it. (Shooter had no serious injuries … except to his wallet.
Here are some tips and a summary of some key parts of that written process, many of which apply to the Dillon 650, and some tips that may apply to any reloading effort regardless of brand.
Reloading Tips

October 14, 2012
In no particular order, here they are. Leftover dust from walnut shell cleaner does not seem to be a problem (other than in the primer tube).

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