Worn-out Brass
May 20, 2012
One pass, fourteen fail and 985 to go. Cleaned for an extra hour to reach a semblance of shiney, this old brass sat in someone’s to-be-reloaded pile for years slowly growing cruft.
Any reloaders try these products yet? I’m interested in the stainless steel media.
A little math can get you in the ballpark very quickly.
Tolerance in Brass
March 6, 2012
This is the last of a five part series on tolerances in reloading.
This is the fourth of a five part series on tolerances in ammunition reloading.
This is the third of a five part series. In this part we look at Cartridge Overall Length (COL) and crimp to discover what tolerance is recommended and whether or not we can get accurate measurements with the available instruments.
This is the second of a five part series on tolerance in reloading.
Tolerance in Reloading (Introduction), Tolerance in Powder Throw, Tolerance in COL and Crimp, Tolerance in Bullet Weight, and Tolerance in Brass.

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