What’s in a Word: Accuracy, Precision, Repeatbility, and Tolerance We expect that if our scale says a bullet weighs 202.
Brass Cleaning
January 4, 2011
Ok, Ok, it’s a boring subject, I know. But it’s gotta be done so let’s get this out’a the way.
Sounding Out the Brass
August 24, 2009
Any split brass in that pile you are about to reload?
Brass Pool
June 8, 2009
The sorting of my large bucket of all 45 ACP brass according to headstamp is done.
Strike #1 After its initial firing (as factory-loaded hardball), 100% of the Aguila brass would not pass through the Martindale gauge.
Made 300 to Test
June 2, 2009
(Pictured: Jim Henderson and myself) I made 300 rounds of wad ammo to test at Nighthawks tomorrow evening.
High Primers
May 31, 2009
READ THIS FIRST The cause of the high primers is apparently not dirty primer pockets which is what this article is about.
Reloading Room
May 25, 2009
The newest addition is that air conditioner in the upper-left corner.

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