Cheapest Reloading
March 22, 2013
The cheapest way to get into reloading is the Lee Classic Loader (45 ACP shown here), $26.
Reloading Tips
October 14, 2012
In no particular order, here they are. Leftover dust from walnut shell cleaner does not seem to be a problem (other than in the primer tube).
My usual quota is 300 rounds in an evening, but starting about 2:00PM today and with two television breaks and another for dinner, I finished 1,000 rounds about 7:00PM.
When we do anything dangerous such as shooting guns, reloading ammunition or jumping out of airplanes, it is very helpful to have *several* overlapping things that, any one of which, will prevent or catch an otherwise fatal mistake.
Young Bucks
September 20, 2005
(Posted in by “edski”) I often practice at an indoor range in Scottsdale AZ.
A rigorous procedure for reloading ammunition with the Dillon 650 machine.
“Hammer Follow” is when the hammer falls simultaneously with the release of the slide when initially charging the 1911.
After working with three “snap cap” gadgets for the Smith & Wesson Model 41 target pistol but finding each solution inadequate, I crafted my own design.

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