There are two general processes to cleaning brass, the wet and the dry methods.
Reloading Tips
October 14, 2012
In no particular order, here they are. Leftover dust from walnut shell cleaner does not seem to be a problem (other than in the primer tube).
Light Strikes
July 13, 2012
The hammer hits the firing pin and that hits the primer, but it doesn’t go bang.
So far. But they say they’re like Accidental Discharges: If you haven’t had one yet, just wait.
Calling The Line
February 26, 2011
"Attention! Attention on the line! Your three minute preparation time begins .
Mixed Bag
June 15, 2009
Here are some scattered notes and comments from today. I didn’t shoot very well in today’s 2700.
Reloading Room
May 25, 2009
The newest addition is that air conditioner in the upper-left corner.
When we do anything dangerous such as shooting guns, reloading ammunition or jumping out of airplanes, it is very helpful to have *several* overlapping things that, any one of which, will prevent or catch an otherwise fatal mistake.


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