S&W Model 41

Earlier this week I reloaded all the 45 ACP wadcutter ammo I’ll need (and then some) for this week’s Desert Midwinter 2014 competition.

October 10, 2012
But neither of these is how it started. The original barrel was 7" long and had a Keng rear sight.
It’s the process as much as the product. And by that I mean when, how much and where the product, any product, is used.
Gun Log Book

June 9, 2012
Do you ever ask questions like these? When did I last replace the recoil spring in the wad gun and does it run best with 11 or 12 pounds for my current load?
So I’m gonna be pushing some lead downrange at the 2012 Desert Midwinter Championship next week!
Damp and chilly. Brrrr! The humidity was high and, with the cool 58 degrees, there was a decided chill to the air as we shot the Bullseye 900 last night.
Recently I mentioned that I had the trigger weight on my IZH-46M air pistol cranked up to the maximum.
Before Today and tomorrow are the days in which my concentration – and repetition – need to be at their best.


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