S&W Model 41

I’ve heard it said that the value of firearms increase over time, especially if they are cared for.
When I arrived home after work Friday, there was a FedEx note hanging on the front door.
Wad Gun

October 19, 2005
Okay, I’m convinced. My Springfield Armory “Mil-Spec” 1911 in Parkerized finish is becoming an impediment to my learning to shoot, but perhaps not in the way many would think.
Shipping Gun(s)

October 13, 2005
I shipped my Smith & Wesson Model 41 (22LR) target pistol back to the manufacturer earlier this week.
It’s Broke!

October 5, 2005
The 41 wasn’t dirty, it was broken. I purchased a slightly oversize nylon brush (25 cal.
From Email to a shooter asking several questions including why some of his shots hit up and right of center.
Well, I thought that gun was clean but, brother, did I miss a spot – at least that’s what I think is causing so much trouble.
First 2700

September 20, 2005
I competed in my first “2700” this past Sunday at 7:30AM along with seven other shooters.


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