S&W Model 41

Ignoring the “first round flyers” (described in previous blog) which I think are an artifact of our test procedure, the group sizes and shapes I fired on the Ransom Rest this past Saturday in my factory-new (December 2004) Smith and Wesson Model 41 were:
We shot eight (8) brands of .22 ammunition at 50 yards yesterday before packing up around Noon when the temperature passed 105.
Joe and I will be doing some accuracy tests tomorrow at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club.
(Posted to Bullseye-L.) It’s worth mentioning an “oops” (Accidental Discharge) I had while doing the Ball and Dummy drill in the hope that someone else may avoid doing likewise.
For everything except the bore, I use Mil-Comm MC25 Firearm Cleaner/Degreaser followed by TW-25B Lubricant (grease) any place metal slides on metal (look for the wear marks).
(Posted as user eskinner at Rimfire Central.) I replaced my extractor a couple of months ago (because it just wasn’t there anymore) using parts from Brownells (extractor spring, plunger and extractor).
Email posted to Bullseye-L EDITED 12/17/2016 The spreadsheet of 22LR ammunition velocities is as ready as it’s going to be (for a while).
Accidental Discharge!

February 16, 2005
Email posted to Bullseye-L I’ll add a STRONG WARNING on this [thread].


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