S&W Model 41

Trash Can Snap Cap
February 3, 2005
Email posted to Bullseye-L If you’re looking for a reusable “snap cap” for your Smith & Wesson model 41, you might want to take a look at what I created.
Arm Strength
January 23, 2005
Email posted to Bullseye-L (long since defunct) I have been surprised to find out, and I’m maybe even a little embarassed to admit, how important arm, and especially shoulder, strength is in all this.
I bought a Smith and Wesson Model 41 .22 caliber target pistol (about this date) from Sportsman’s Warehouse in Phoenix AZ.
Getting Started
July 1, 2004
Background After going pistol shooting with some co-workers, I became interested in target shooting.
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Note: Ed Harris is the “Ed” in Ed’s Red; that’s not me.
After working with three “snap cap” gadgets for the Smith & Wesson Model 41 target pistol but finding each solution inadequate, I crafted my own design.


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